Monday, 15 October 2012

AOI Images 36 Exhibition and launch

Just under two weeks ago now I attended the AOI images book launch and award ceremony where I collected the silver award for Children's Books.

The Project that also features in this years Images Annual was a limited edition book by Boden, called Returning Spring.

 Here I am just having picked up my certificate and Pantone Colour Swatch! ( which now takes pride of place next to my Wacom) celebrating with a nice glass of frizzante, thats sparkly water for you less bilingual folks.

Here are the rest of the winners, including fellow Arena-ite Steve May slap-bang in the middle and proud winner of Gold in the New Media category. Also the lovely Lauren Gentry to my left in the lovely green dress, and Stephen Collins (gold for editorial). Other winners who dadly I did not get the chance to speak to include Rod Hunt, Ruth Hydes, Steve Simpson, Andy Smith, Jonathan Burton, Brian Grimwood, Richard Johnson who won gold in my catergory and Adam Graff who won bronze, Lizzie Cullen, Barry Croucher, Andy Smith, Stuart Mcreath, Daniel Pudles, Olaf Hajak, Nicola Robinson, louise Weir, Emma Haines, and Artemis Evlogimenou

The celebration  or " the Oscars of Illustration." (Valerie Pezeron) looked a bit like this:

(but sadly there was no cake) However there was breads, continental meats, cheeses and caper berries. yum yum. Not forgetting Wine, and lots of smiling faces

If you would like to see the whole exhibition it will be around until the 23rd of October 2012 at Somerset House, London. But then shall tour. To see where else you can catch the exhibition have a look here for venue updates.

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