Thursday, 25 August 2011

There once was a fennec named Frederick

So there once was a fennec named Frederick,
Who liked to find tasty things to lick.
Flapjacks and honey nut loops,
toffee apples and chocolate soups.

But it's not healthy to only have things sweet,
for a good diet you also need meat.

I need savoury and sweet thought Frederick that day,
Then I can teach other fennecs the way.
Fairy buns and strudels are fine sometimes,
but I could help others in the form of my rhymes.

Listen up! Bob, Harris and Mary!
We can eat cake but we also need dairy.
We need veg, meat and also fish,
together we can make a real tasty dish.

Frederick sang and rapped throughout town,
and the fennec's faces turned to a smile from a frown.
After a pint or more of ginger beer,
Frederick had another fantastic idea!

If only there were a way to combine savoury and sweet
I would only need two eggs to beat....

A sweet Pancake with a meaty,veggie filling would really hit the spot.
Steak, asparagus and a sprinkle of sugar was the lot.

So the fennecs ate pancakes from then on,
and all because of Frederick's Song.

-The End-

So I might make this a weekly thing, if I remember. I'm no poet but its a little fun thing I try to do each day. I did have a drawing of a rapping fennec but he got the cut, sadly.

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