Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back to work

So its back to college and my final year already feels like its disappearing beneath me, beginning the year with editorials. This editorial and the two complementary vignette images are for an article reviewing the book 'Tormented Hope: nine Hypochondriac lives', by Brian Dillion. This book includes people such as James Boswell, Charlotte Bronte and Charles Darwin. The image above is particularly relating to the story of Daniel Paul Schreber, a politician who went 'insane' , believed that god wanted him to change into a woman and that benidictine Monks had found themselves inside his head, amogst other things.

One of the hypochondriacs included Florence Nightingale, who often complained of her illnesses, often taking work to her bed for long periods of time. Three images done, just one to go, as well as the issue of printing.


Anonymous said...

I like these very much - so charming and humourous but the colours and lines so dignified and staid.

alli coate said...

These a great! Love the colors.

Matt Richards said...

Hi Kristyna,

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I have just had a browse through your work and it is great to see your style developing. All the best on the remainder of your course!