Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: Day 3
Final piece. Wrinkles are something that I immediately associated with appearance. So I took this idea and used it in terms of objects rather than for people, and thought of why we would reject them on how they look or work. There is a diversion in the image between the new technology and desirable items (at the top), appearing quite minimal, which seems to reflect modern day life. Whereas in contrast to this the clutter at the lower half of the image, filled with objects that we have no longer any use for as they are old and more efficient and new products are available and preferable.
Illustration Friday: Day 2:
About half way there, Woop!!! But still some adjustments to be made to what i have already done. Lower half possibly needs to be darker, so there is more of a contrast between the lower and upper half of the composition.

This weeks Illustration Friday Word: Wrinkles.
Day 1:
This is what i have done so far, and as you can see that is not that much. But I do have 2 more days of hard labour, and will keep you up with my progress through to the end of the week and explain my final composition. I aim to keep adding to this image across the page each week relating to the illustration Friday weeks word like a time line, which will run through the center (horizontally) acting as a way of recording my progress.


Menna Jenkins said...

wow kdog, looking really good! loving the ghetto red tape especially!

claude said...

wow, this really looks great! thanks for the inspiration and sharing the steps! I really need to do some watercolor again. your illo looks beautiful!

Jill Calder said...

It is great to see the development of this epic work!
Having seen it in its original form, it is amazing how all the imagery condenses down so well.

Gary Mackean said...

Awesome! Epic! Great! and just overall cool as usual.

Laura said...

Hey Krissy, this is a great image, I love the attention to detail. Laura xx

joy said...

I really like seeing how you put it together - I thought that the tape was real! Super great!

nicole urquhart said...

wicked!i love all the little guys!xx

Camilla said...

This is so cool! Love how you shared your steps. I've had a lovely time looking at your wonderful illustrations here. Off to check out your website next :)